Vol.08 Tokyo☟
by Tomihiro Kono & t a t a m i

1-25-9 Aobadai Meguro-ku Tokyo
April 19, 20, 21, 2019
Interactive Wig Exhibition in collaboration with Tomihiro Kono x t a t a m i antiques

  t a t a m i is a Japanese antique dealer group based on the activities of independent online transaction and art exhibitions, composed of misakadou, Jinta, Sezuan antiques & art, minakata antiques, titcoRet, rust + antiques, and hotoke.

t a t a m i は独自の感性で選んだ日本の骨董や古道具等を国際的に提案・発信するために集まった 古物商集団 です。国内外での展示会などの活動もしています。

Tomihiro Kono
Hair & Head Prop Artist/ konomad 主宰
Based in NY @tomikono_wig

Tomihiro Kono is a hair & head prop artist who does all the creative designs related to hair & head. He currently creates wigs from scratch. KATSURA RIKYU is a cross-genre collaborative event.


Tatami Antiques