June 19, 2019

Tomi, what is your first memory of glamour? “I bleached my hair with Coca Cola.” Takako Noel captures the unbridled joy of Tomi Kono’s wigs let loose in Tokyo.

Photography: TAKAKO NOEL
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memorandom 0 by Sayaka Maruyama
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June 01, 2019

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ISBN 9780998620527

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‘Memorandom’ records the personal expressions of New York-based artist Sayaka Maruyama between 2011 and 2019, including photography, drawings, paintings, collages, objects, and images from her short films. The notions of beauty and other thoughts that randomly pass through her mind have been visualised and then translated into book form by the artist herself, because how each person perceives the world cannot always be explained logically. Maruyama records indefinable emotions and moments, thereby weaving multiple layered dialogues that result in a personal, poetic, and tangible portrait. Includes a conversation between the artist and Anna Battista.

244 p, ills colour, 17 x 24 cm, pb, English


May 30 2019

Wig wizard Tomi Kono has been letting the public loose on his hairy creations. “I think it’s more exciting for people to actually wear the wigs, and get involved. I see them getting very excited and obsessed with their instant hairstyle change.” The second of his touring interactive exhibitions was held in Tokyo and photographer Sayaka Maruyama captured the visitors wigging out. 

The title of the wig exhibition in Tokyo was ‘Personas’. I believe hair styles have a big impact on our character. If you change your hairstyle, you suddenly feel like you’ve become a different person. So the starting point was my thought that a wig can be used as a mask on your head. To create multiple personas. 

This was the second interactive wig exhibition I have shown, the previous one was in Paris a year ago. Interactive wig means that visitors can come and try on the wigs. I exhibit them simply hanging them from the ceiling. I think it’s more exciting for people to actually wear the wigs, and get involved. I see them getting very excited and obsessed with their instant hairstyle change. The wigs I make are very fragile and can easily break, but my priority is for people to enjoy them.

BP: Where did you get your training?
TK: I’m basically self-taught. I started by reading vintage books about hair techniques. YouTube and Instagram are also great tools.

BP: I know you work with a lot of unconventional materials … grabbing what is at had to make something extraordinary – where does this creativity come from? When did it start?
TK: Maybe it’s because I grew up surrounded by nature in the countryside of Japan, and my parents wouldn’t buy me many toys. So I had to be creative, always playing in and being inspired by nature.

BP: Current kit hero product?
TK: Elnett as always.

BP: Do you have a favourite hair gadget?
TK: Recently I’ve become obsessed with using a Razor to cut hair.

BP: What does the word glamour mean to you?
TK: Obsession of beauty.

BP: What is your first memory of glamour?
TK: I bleached my hair with Coca Cola.

BP: Living, dead, real or imaginary … who has the best hair-do? 
TK: David Bowie.


Interview: John William
Tomihiro Kono PERSONAS
Interactive Wig Exhibition
May 10 2019
'Memorandom 0' by Sayaka Maruyama
[konomad editions No.002]
Limited edition of 100
April 1 2019

Sayaka Maruyama
memorandom 0
Artistic practice 2011-2019

New York-based artist Sayaka Maruyama (b.1983) is a multi-disciplinary artist who translates her notions of beauty into photography, drawings, books, and short films.
"Life as a whole is a collective box of emotional experiences. "
"memorandom" records the personal practices of Sayaka Maruyama between 2011-2019, includ- ing photography, drawings, paintings, collages, objects and extracted images from her short films. The ideas and thoughts randomly passing through her mind are visualized in various forms of expres- sion, then translated into the form of a book by the artist herself.
Maruyama feels it is more natural for her to in- stinctively translate her vision into images rather than into words.
Rather than being completed and finished, these images retain all the beauty of the non-finito, they are still in the process of becoming and escape the trap of being categorized in a specific form.
"I am simply interested in how we perceive beauty in our own perspective, react to it and make visible so that we can share with others."
How each person perceives the world can not always be explained logically. Maruyama gives importance to the act of recording indefinable emotions and moments.
By binding her random memorandoms, these collected images, drawings and fragments of text weave multiple layered dialogues that result in a personal, poetic and tangible portrait of the artist.
"I wonder if each reader will get a different feeling and interpretation of my works while leafing through this volume and in return how my work will be influenced by them."

Sept 14 2018

Creating a good wig is an art form unto itself – and if there’s one contemporary wig maker that’s modernising and reshaping the practice, it’s Tomihiro Kono.

Born and raised in Japan, Kono is the go-to guy for fashion houses like Junya Watanabe and Comme des Garçons, where he created sculptural headpieces from 2014 to 2016 for both mens and womenswear. “It was almost like breaking boundaries of my hair styling,” says Kono, “I had a deep think about how head design can participate in a fashion show in an effective and inspiring way. Shows are fundamentally for clothes, but making a total character from head to toe is very important”. 

Despite his fashion world co-signs, Kono’s intricate wig making skills weren’t carved out in a fashion school. Instead, he chose to learn the technical art of Geisha hairstyling from a Japanese master in Uguisudani, Tokyo, an experience he recounts excitedly: “Watching the process of their skilful work is very inspiring. Not only did I learn his techniques, but also the importance and the possibility of learning by oneself. He was a self-taught master and that fact impressed me so much”.

Last month, Kono took a foray in to the art world by opening an immersive exhibition of his creations on Paris’s Rue du Château d’Eau in the 10th arrondissement. Entitled Wigs, the exhibition showcased a selection of his most-valued pieces from towering Rococo-esque wigs in deep pastels to neon elfin crops. 

As well as trying to find a new location for his travelling exhibition, it seems that Kono knows exactly where he’d like to take his creations next.

Interview: Samira Larouchi
HEAD PROP by Tomihiro Kono
[konomad editions No.001]
First Print : editions of 500
April 01 2017

HEAD PROP by Tomihiro Kono is a documentation of distinctive head prop work produced by Hair and Head Prop Artist, Tomihiro Kono from 2013-2016. HEAD PROP gives a clear indication of the insight and path Tomihiro has followed in his innovative journey for new head designs through his uncompromising approach to his work. Having developed a highly successful international career as a session hair stylist Tomihiro Kono ventures into new territory, not only attempting to produce visually striking head designs, but designs that focus on functionality in the beauty of form.

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